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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement for the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment Open Letter Campaign Website –

The Global Fund is committed to respecting the dignity and privacy of people, while balancing such rights with the Global Fund’s values of transparency and accountability and the ability of the Global Fund to carry out its mission.

1. When does this privacy statement apply?  

This privacy statement explains how we may collect and use your data when you sign-up and add your name to the open letter featured on the website. It also explains the choices and rights available to you. The website is not directed at minors and we do not collect or disclose any personal information that identifies, or could be used to identify, any minors in connection with the website.

2. What information will be collected about me and how will it be used?

The Global Fund may collect and use your personal information on the basis of your consent; in this case to advocate for the Global Fund’s Sixth Replenishment campaign, ‘Step Up the Fight’, and to notify you in the future of Global Fund news and campaign activities.  Your consent means you wish to be identified publicly as a supporter of the open letter and be informed by us of its result, and of the Global Fund’s funding goals, as well as any other news or information relevant to the cause of ending HIV/AIDS, TB and malaria. 

You can opt out of receiving this information at any time. 

The information we collect about you will be limited to the following:

  • Should you choose to sign up to the open letter, the compulsory data we collect will include your first name, last name, email address and confirmation that you are not a minor. Your first name and last name will be made available through the website and you will be identifiable publicly as a supporter of the campaign and the Global Fund’s mission. We will not publish your email address on the website.
  • The optional data we are collecting includes your country of residence, organization and professional role. If you choose to provide them, details of your organization and professional occupation will be made available on the site. We will not disclose any information relating to your country of residence or email address on the site.  Your country of residence will only be used for statistical analysis.

The sign-up process does not request the personal information of any other person and you should not provide any such information.

The information you provide will be made available to Weber Shandwick, the Global Fund’s public relations firm based in the United Kingdom, to enable it to fulfil its contractual obligations to manage the campaign.  Weber Shandwick will not use your personal information for other purposes or disclose it to any subcontractors or other clients, etc.

3. How long will you keep my information?

We will retain your information for the purpose of keeping you informed of the Global Fund’s news and campaign activities until you notify us that you wish to opt out. 

4. How do you protect my information?

All data transferred between the client (users) and the server will be encrypted during transit (website to database). Additionally, all user data is stored on encrypted storage at rest (while sitting in database). Amazon Web Services (AWS) is our hosting provider and we encourage you to read their privacy statement before providing any information about yourself. Weber Shandwick confirms the development of the web build and the server build both adhere to applicable laws.

5. What if I don’t wish to provide my information?

You are not obliged to provide your personal information.  You may choose not to sign-up to the open letter and share your information. You can also sign-up without providing details of your country of residence, organization or professional role.

6. Whom should I contact if I have questions about my personal information?

You may request at any time that your personal information be corrected or deleted in connection with signing-up to the open letter.  We invite you to contact if you have questions about your personal information. 

For your protection, we will only implement requests with respect to the personal information associated with the particular email address that you use to sign-up to the open letter and send us your request. We will need to verify your identity before implementing your request. Verification may require that we ask you to provide other personal information or use certain security measures. If we are unable to verify your request, we may not be able to implement the request for security reasons.

We will endeavor to comply with your request as soon as reasonably practicable. In some cases, we may need to retain certain information where important public interests require, such as the safety and security of individuals; the rights and freedoms of others; the integrity of audit, investigation, arbitral or judicial processes; and/or recordkeeping or legal purposes.

7. Privileges and immunities

Nothing in or related to this privacy statement may be construed as a waiver, express or implied, of the privileges and immunities accorded to the Global Fund under international law, including international customary law, any international conventions, treaties or agreements, or any national laws.

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